Quality, modernisation and development

We have a number of about 100 machines serving the sites of the company’s two divisions, such as: vans, dumpers, backhoe loaders, bulldozers, fixed and mobile cranes, self-loading loaders, front loaders, trailers, compactor cylinders, asphalt vibrating finisher, asphalt milling machine, emulsion spread machine, mechanical brushes.



We have a production facility in Iași, which includes:

  • Asphalt mixing plant, AEROQ accredited - LINTEC 1500 type, manufactured in 2012, with rotating strainers, capacity 120 to / hour
  • Concrete and mortar station, AEROQ accredited - ORU IMER KOALA type, automatic station, capacity 250 cm / day
  • Metal fittings section - industrial hall with a rolling stock, where metal fittings can be produced, from the simplest ones to complex structures
  • Trimmed reinforcements section - industrial hall with a rolling stock, stirrups automatic trimming machine and special equipment for the production of trimmed reinforcement
  • Section of prefab elements of concrete and reinforced concrete, with tower crane and casting

We have a production base in Târgu Neamţ, which is comprised of:

  • Asphalt mixing plant, accredited AEROQ - type ALFELDER-AMMAN, planar, production capacity 110 to / hour.
  • Concrete and mortar station, accredited AEROQ - LIEBHER type, automatic production plant built in 2008 with a production capacity of 60 cubic meters / hour, four concrete transport vehicles and a 36 meters concrete pump.

Authorised Construction Testing Laboratory - Level II that carries out determinations for the profiles GTF (geotechnics and foundation ground), BBABP (concrete, reinforced concrete and pre-compacted concrete), AR (reinforced concrete, wire or welded meshes), MBM (materials for mortars and concrete), MTZ (materials for plastering and masonry), ANCFD (natural aggregates for railways and roads), D (roads) + MD (road materials), ZP (masonry and walls), UNCEC (non-destructive and construction behaviour testing).

Logistic warehouses for building materials, endowment, tools and equipment with a total area of 30,000 sqm.