Continuous training of staff

Starting from the desire to encourage the continuous training of the construction staff, starting from the real needs of employees and those of increasing the involvement of the organization in social responsibility actions (especially in favour of the disadvantaged groups), CONEST has taken the necessary steps to extend the business towards the provision of continuous professional training programs in the field of constructions.

In this respect, between January 2011 and December 2013, we have successfully implemented 3 grant projects within the Sectoral Operational Program for Human Resources Development.



  • POSDRU/99/5.1/G/77079 - “Active measures for employment of unemployed people from Iași Municipality in the construction sector – CONFORM” (value EUR 500,000)
  • POSDRU/108/2.3/G/79212 - “Qualification and retraining of employees from the construction sector - partnership and actions to increase employment of the labour force and occupational mobility - CONtrain” (value EUR 500,000)
  • POSDRU/110/5.2/G/87169 - “CONRIS - Improving the quality of human resources in the rural areas of Iaşi County in order to facilitate access to employment in the construction sector” (value EUR 500,000)

Between October 2013 and April 2014, we implemented a LEONARDO mobility project within the EU (Spain, Granada):

LLP-LdV/VETPRO/2013/RO/078 - “Transfer and improvement of competences for the development of vocational training and human resources in the construction sector” (value EUR 25,000)

CONEST continues the implementation of the projects within the SOP HRD (Sectoral Operational Program for Human Resources Development).

Three new (grant and strategic) projects were contracted with implementation from May 2014 to October 2015.

The total value of the three new projects is of approx. EUR 5.5 million.

  • POSDRU/161/2.1/G/141379 - Career counselling centre for students in the construction sector - ISCOP
  • POSDRU/165/6.2/S/143288 - Social inclusion network for the responsibility of the business environment, improving access and participation of vulnerable groups in the labour market - ACCES
  • POSDRU/164/2.3/S/141388 - Innovative, relevant and personalized programs for access to qualifications and increasing occupational mobility of workers in sky-crane jobs - ACCES