CONEST. We have been building Romania for over half a century.

We are one of the first companies in the country, with 100% Romanian capital, to work in the field of construction. The birth certificate dates from 1963. Then we were called Construction Site no. 2 Chimie Iași within the Construction and Assembly Company for Chimie Onești. In 1970, the Assembly Construction Company no. 4 Iași was established (ICM Iași). Seven years later we became the Iași Industrial Construction Trust (TCI Iași). The year 1991 marks the privatization of the company and the appearance of the Conest brand.

We have been building Romania for over 57 years: civil and industrial constructions, installation works and road infrastructure. Over 600 projects have become a reality. Over 600 projects, the company’s quality mark. Over 400 people are part of the Conest team and each works with professionalism, responsibility and involvement. We also invested a lot of love in each project. The Central University Library of Iași, Alexandru Ioan Cuza University building, Octav Băncilă passage, Lăpușneanu area, Conest Grand Residence residential complex are just a few examples.

CONEST is part of your life and we thank you for your trust!