George Irinel Tofan

Chairman of the Conest Board of Directors and General Manager

Who is George Irinel Tofan?

Chairman of the Conest Board of Directors and General Manager. He graduated in 1998 from the Faculty of Economic Sciences of the Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iași. He continued with specializations on marketing activity management in high-performing companies, World Trade Business Bucharest, strategic management & marketing planning, RTH Consulting Bucharest. In 2012 he obtained the title of Master Business Administration at Gheorghe Asachi University of Iași, Center for Continuing Education. In 2012, he officially obtained the title of Project Manager. Team leader at Coca Cola Romania, Commercial Director at Rafo Onești, Executive Director of Media Rom Grup. Since 2011 he is part of the Conest team.

What does Conest mean to Irinel Tofan?

Conest means professional challenge!
Conest means respect for those who have built over 600 projects in the over 50 years of our company’s existence!
Conest imposes a moral obligation to cherish this treasure and to further consolidate it!
I am honoured and proud to be part of the Conest family!

Lucian Irimia

Chief Financial Officer

Who is Lucian Irimia?

Chief Financial Officer Conest. In 1999 he became a graduate of Social Economic Statistics, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration of Alexandru Ioan Cuza University. In 2000 he obtained a Master’s Degree in Social Economic Statistics at the same higher education institution. He took his first steps on the labour market in 1999 as Economic Director at the construction company Alex. He was Senior Relationship Manager in the Corporate Department, Raiffeisen Bank, Chief Financial Officer of Vinia. Since 2011 he is part of the Conest team.

What does Conest mean to Lucian Irimia?

CONEST means for me a company of tradition, of great complexity, strategic industry at the level of the national economy, supported by the work of professionals from various professional categories, whose results combine and harmoniously support the development of the community in which we all live.
It’s been 10 years since I got to be part of this team, so I can say with conviction that I look with pride at what we have achieved together and with confidence in the future.

Mariana Ștefan

Director of Human Resources

Who is Mariana Ștefan?

Director of Human Resources Conest. In 2008 she obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in social work, Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iași. From the same higher education institution she obtains the title of Master in Supervision and Social Planning. She took her first steps on the professional market at Onitrade and at the same time, volunteered at the Caritas Diocesan Center. Since 2011 she has been part of the Conest team and has gone through all the hierarchy steps to the position of Human Resources Director. She did not give up on humanitarian actions.

What does Conest mean to Mariana Ștefan?

Conest means a community:

Ioan Buta

Director of the Wealth Administration Department

Who is Ioan Buta?

Director of the Wealth Administration Department. In 1989 he became a graduate officer of the Military School of Active Tank and Automobile Officers. In 1997 he graduated in Road Vehicle Engineering, Faculty of Mechanics, Gheorghe Asachi University. He has different specializations within the Ministry of National Defence. Master’s Degree at the National Defence College, Carol I National Defence University. He began his military career as a platoon commander and rose through the ranks. Head of logistics on two missions to Afghanistan. He received many distinctions, but the most important is the Order of “Military Virtue” in the rank of Commander of War – 2004, offered by the President of Romania for special merits during the mission in the theatre of operations Afghanistan, 2003. Since 2020 he is part of the Conest team.

What does Conest mean to Ioan Buta?

As a resident of Iasi, I often had the opportunity to admire the beauty of the city where Conest has invested time and work through many projects. I would describe the collaboration with Conest as a happy combination of opportunity, challenge and confirmation.
Changing the field of activity after 30 years of military career should have been a demanding step. All the more so as Conest holds an important place among the construction companies. A team of real, reliable people, working with respect for quality, respect for the rule of law, in a word professionalism but without forgetting to mention an extremely important thing encountered in the Conest company – care for people.
The people of Conest, the most valuable resource of the company.